Juru "Puppy Bundle" for New Customers:

Give Your Puppy a Vibrant Life Without Using Chemicals and Conventional Dewormer

> 2 pound bag of gut support

> 1 pound bag of Great Lakes Grain-Free dog food

> chewy toy
> 5 pee pads
> poop bag container with bags
> coupon for 25% off worm defense (sent via email)

Eliminate roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and pinworms in 3 months or your money back! **


Juru Gut Support (formerly Vibralife for Dogs)

Some of the benefits our customers have experienced from using Vibralife pellets include:

  • Eliminating parasites and toxins
  • Strengthening the immune system 
  • Establishing a thick and shiny coat 
  • Healing the gut lining and stomach  

This powerful blend of all-natural ingredients has even been proven to help female dogs overcome reproductive problems, including infertility, milk supply, and inconsistent cycles.

Juru Worm Defense (formerly VibraLife X)

This natural dewormer for dogs is a carefully selected blend of potent anti-parasitic herbs, including black walnut, sage, wormwood, papaya, clove, fennel, and garlic.


Don't just take our word for it—our growing base of happy customers speak for themselves!

Vibralife is an excellent product. My dogs are healthier and their coats are soft and silky.


Just letting you know how HAPPY we are with Vibralife. We have had very good results with our Great Dane Male since we started feeding Vibralife. His tail had loss of hair at the knuckles and we could not get him to put on weight, his tail now is fully covered in hair and he looks awesome! When we would sell our puppies we would always get feedback like this, “This puppy has worms man!” or “This puppy has 3 kinds of worms!” or “This puppy has coccidia!”. I had been giving commercial de-wormer starting at 4 weeks of age and every 10 days until sold and every time their stool would be full of white round worms, it was very disgusting! Now we de-worm 1 time at 7 weeks of age and I have not had 1 single negative feedback since we feed Vibralife. We feel we are selling Healthier puppy’s. THANK YOU for Vibralife. I give Vibralife a 5 STAR rating!

Steve S.

We are in the process of testing out this product at our dog rescue. We raise hundreds of puppies at our facility and always battle stomach bacteria and parasites. We began the trial run with a couple of litters that were all just in recovery from parvo. Their systems were weak and their poop was not solid! We put them on Vibralife and have seen great improvements. We ordered a pallet of the product and are currently using it with all of our young puppies. We will keep posting updates as we make progress with regular use. So far so good!

Terry Mattson

The dogs love it! They started passing parasites within a few days even though I was regularly deworming with commercial dewormer.

E. Lapp

Quarryville, PA

As part of this exclusive offer you have the opportunity to register your puppy for our 3-month worm-free guarantee.

If you register your puppy and feed it both of the products in this "puppy bundle" as directed for 3 months, and your pet is still dealing with roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, or pinworms, we will refund your money. 

Puppy Bundle for New Customers:

> 2 pound bag of gut support

> 1 pound bag of Great Lakes Grain-Free dog food

> chewy toy
> 5 pee pads
> poop bag container with bags
> coupon for 25% off worm defense (sent via email)

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** Guarantee covers only Whipworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, Hookworms, and Ringworms. This guarantee is valid after 3 months of following the recommended dosage of both the Vibralife and Vibralife X. A space of 10 days is allowed wherein the dog must be diagnosed with the above mentioned parasites in order to get a refund. When claiming a refund, a signed vet report must be submitted to Vibralife providing the dog’s name, breed, gender, and date of birth, as well as a diagnosis for any of the above parasites confirmed by a fecal report. This information must match that of the dog when it was registered on the Vibralife website.

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