Natural Dewormer for Dogs | Vibralife X Herbal Dewormer

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An all-natural dewormer for dogs blended of select herbs, including black walnut, sage, wormwood, papaya, clove, fennel, and garlic.

Vibralife X helps your pet maintain a healthy, parasite-free digestive tract.


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Signs of a worm invasion in your pet can include wandering worms or “rice bodies” in their stool, poor appearance, scooting and licking their anus, or vomiting and diarrhea.  Fortunately, there are both dietary and herbal options that are effective at eliminating these parasites. Vibralife X is a quality natural dewormer for dogs, carefully formulated from the following herbs.

Black Walnut

The stately Black Walnut tree is a powerful anti-parasitic.  It’s fresh green nut husk is proven to help expel worms from the intestinal tract.  One of the key elements of the walnut hull is Juglone. This compound is highly toxic to many insects that cause worm infestations, and will gently cleanse your dog’s digestive system of parasites.


In ancient India, a king had one hospital built for people and another one nearby for animals.  He purchased miles of adjoining acreage for the growing of medicinal herbs.  One of the first he planted was the Common Sage. It has been cultivated for medicinal and culinary purposes for many centuries in Germany, England and France. 

A valuable, multi-purpose herb, sage will expel worms and is calming to the digestive tract. It prevents gas pains and is commonly known to aid the liver in improving the blood. Better blood, better health!


Wormwood fights intestinal worms and flatulence, and is a reliable remedy for fatigued digestion and frailty. This bitter herb is valuable to the intestinal tract as it stimulates the appetite, promotes assimilation of nutrients, and corrects stomach disorders.


Papaya leaf has been successfully used to prevent diseases caused by parasites. Papaya leaf tea is a widely used digestive aid as it contains an enzyme, papain.  It is used to detoxify the intestines and expel parasites while the tannins in the leaf helps to protect the intestines from re-infestation.  It has also been used as an aid for large, swollen areas on the body caused by worms.


This delightful herb increases circulation, and promotes digestion and nutrition. Taken internally, clove has a relaxing effect on the muscles.  As a carminative this “pain relieving herb” gives relief to the gastro-intestinal tract.  It stimulates and disinfects the kidneys, skin and liver.


The mild herb, Fennel, is recognized in the pharmacopeias of almost all countries as a carminative, stimulant, and aromatic, used in cases of flatulence and indigestion.  It will arouse the appetite and ease any griping pain caused by ill effects of parasites. Fennel is said to be disliked by fleas.  “It has also been used to keep fleas away from kennels and stables.”  (Christopher, Herb Syllabus p. 210) 


The Common Garlic, a member of the same group of plants as the Onion, has  anthelmintic properties and is deadly to worms.

  “A fox-terrier, aged 14 years, appeared to be developing rapidly a pitiable condition, with a swollen neck and an ugly intractable sore at the root of the tail, and dull, coarse coat shedding abundantly.” (A Modern Herbal 1, Grieve, p.343).  

He was given a formula containing garlic in his water daily and within one month the dog became well with a soft, glossy coat. 

The herbs in Vibralife X have been carefully blended to bring you a reliable digestive solution as you care for your pet. It is important to provide your furry friend with the proper diet, frequent exercise outings, attention, and natural treatments to maintain optimum health.  

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